3rd Prize

Valtra Unit

Tomasz Miłosz (Poland)


Valtra Unit is a philosophy of future farming. It focuses on one type of specialized farming production. It is inspired by nature, a highly efficient, simple system which works like live organisms. MPVs work on a field and the Central Unit processes main operations in one place.


Valtra Unit reduce the cost of farming production. It is controlled by an application. The basic model is a set of four MultiPurpose Vehicles and a main-task Central Unit. The juxtaposition of functions depends on the type of farm production. The system can be installed in farm buildings or can work self-contained on a field. The first set, which is most representative, is prepared to raise basic grains (it can be also a grass or vegetables production).The first element of the system is a MPV. It is a multitasking, electric powered caterpillar vehicle. The basic construction is made of two symmetric side elements with engines, batteries and controllers. Inside there are function elements encased by a cover with a saddle and all necessary connectors. During work, MPVs take the grain to seed, fertilize and sprinkle fluids from central units and drive to a field to start planting. The amazing feature of this machine is that it can both harvest and seed at the same time. MPVs can cut ears of corn or grain and collect them in big container, shred the straw, cultivate the field by foldable chisel plow, seed the new grain with fertilizer and sprinkle the field. When the main container is full, MPVs go back to the Central Unit to empty the container and get new materials to seed the grain. The Central Unit is the main element prepared to process the most specialized operations of the whole system with high efficiency. It can be installed in a farm building and connected with silos, or work self-contained on a field. It can be transported by four MPVs using saddles on the top of MPV covers.Central Unit is responsible for threshing ears of corn or grain, cleaning grain, transporting grain into silos or directly to trailers by using foldable augers. On one side there is a door with a chute to collect fertilizer. Each MPV starts and finishes work connected with the CU. It can work on a field without an outside power source thanks to a gasoline generator hidden under the unit.


Tomasz Miłosz

Master of Arts (industrial design)

Tomasz Miłosz was born in Sieradz in 1989. He is a Polish designer. He graduated from the Higher School of Art and Design in Łódź with a master's degree in Industrial Design. For his master's thesis he received a joint Rector's Award for the best graduate. He was awarded the Mazda Design 2015 competition and Roland Digital Piano Design Awards in 2016. Working as a freelancer he is involved in both socially useful design - from revealing the needs to an attempt at satisfying them, as well as concept design, where he makes use of innovative solutions.

Jurys comments

The Valtra Unit underlines the importance of collaboration to create an efficient and versatile farming system. The MPV:s, the little soldiers, that run out into the fields doing all kinds of tasks on their own. They are supporting, and are being supported by, the main unit, that like a process industry planted in the field, executes all kinds of tasks from threshing to transportation.

This is innovative and new. It is also feasible and the technology is there today. Shape wise this is not so related to the previous Valtra design but the philosophy of individuality and versatility certainly touches a lot of the old heritage. And those little agile MPV:s orbiting the mother unit will clearly relate to the historic multitasking Valtra tractors.

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