2nd Prize

V-ICON Polivalent

Yuri Kozowski and Paulo Adriano Biondan (Brazil)


The V-ICON is a multifunctional and versatile agricultural machine to work all over the year in small and large properties with a simplified assembly, dimensional optimization and a new proposal for the use of its forces. Possible to be operated on it or by wireless.


We believe that until 2030 the world will have greater needs to solve the crescent search for food and with this prediction we see a scenario with more diversity on farms, increasing the demand for small machines capable of working as the large ones without needing a great variety of machinery. Because in this case, less is more.

Based in this scenario we sought inspiration in a context already tried by the ancestors of the current farmer, when it was necessary to use animal power and from this expertise, we have developed an equipment that can perform all the necessary activities. However if still need the use of higher power, couple it to other equipment, making it capable of performing larger tasks.
This diversity will alter the routines in the day work of the farms and will be necessary to adapt to them with agility in the actions. For this V-Icon will have an artificial intelligence that will give you the ability to learn and perform autonomous tasks, being able to immediately reproduce an activity that was performed through the commands of your operator, either directly handling the equipment or through a virtual reality controller. So you can work on it or far from it.

Another facility developed is the lateral coupling that allows the use of harvesting and spraying implements, made possible by its central auxiliary engine. To make available this technology in the field, the V-Icon will give the farmer the possibility of supplying it through available energy sources in his place of operation, feeding his batteries through a hybrid system. Therefore it would be used biogas or biodiesel and even wind or solar energy storage sources.


Yuri Kozowski

Yuri was born in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, a city in Serra Gaúcha, a region famous as the heart of Brazilian wine growing and also known for its furniture industry. He started his life as projectionist at the age of 17. Then, after completing a course on Furniture Projects, he graduated in Product Design. A few years later he became a design trainee in a Brazilian company that made trucks, tractors and utility vehicles under the supervision of his partner Paulo Biondan. Together, they developed several successful products for the company. In 2016, they started a new project and founded their own design office. This design office helps companies by creating the best designs for their products. They are doing very well so far and easily up to the challenge, as being one of the finalists in the Valtra Design Challenge 2018 proves.

Paulo Adriano Biondan

Paulo Biondan grew up in a small inland town and always had an interest in creating his own objects.

He worked in a company that manufactured automotive and naval parts in fiberglass and there he had his first contact with industrial design. Passionate to draw, quickly decided to follow this profession and graduated on Universidade Estadual Paulista, Bauru - Brazil.
Worked at design office MFC with projects on segments agriculture and transportation and in 2001 he began to draw Agrale tractor family. Since 2015, he’s partner on ICONE design.

Jurys comments

The V-ICON is a genuine ambassador of simplicity. Less is more is the philosophy of the authors and this is valid through the whole concept. The electric hybrid drive based upon different ways to generate the energy leaves many opportunities for the farmer to produce his/her own energy. The different options for operator involvement also allows for a lot of freedom for different applications from ride-on, via remote control to fully autonomous drive. From being the traditional work horse to become a robot taking its own decisions.

The philosophy behind the PTO and the different tool attachments makes the machine extremely versatile. And collaboration between multiple machines generates a large span of different tractor sizes that originates in one modular unit. Power on demand that creates a whole new business idea with different concepts of ownership!

There is a great potential in developing the concept and markets could certainly appear in different parts of the world where you have a demand for a basic reliable and cost efficient tractor. Surely this is a true Valtra product as simple and clean as the first Valtra tractor that appeared in 1951. And it introduces design elements that could well be a part of Valtra’s future identity.

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