Honorable mention


Jens Berger, Uwe Meisel (Germany)


CENTAUR is a modular vehicle that meets all requirements of a regular tractor while at the same time offering the highest possible degree of suitability for daily use. The vehicle provides ideal driving qualities on every terrain through sophisticated suspension and tire technology.


Farming vehicles are highly specialized machines that represent an enormous investment for farmers. During several months though tractors can hardly be put to good use and remain parked in the shed. The concept CENTAUR a farming vehicle that offers considerably more application possibilities than a regular tractor without making any compromises regarding its agricultural main functions. It is a hybrid that allows it to be used as an everyday car. So it is able to master both, the challenges of road and field surfaces thanks to its adaptive chassis and innovative transformable tire system. The CENTAUR system does not necessarily have to be steered by a human driver sitting in the driver’s cabin. The chassis can be remotely controlled and also drive autonomously as a single unit or as part of an automated group of vehicles. The farmer’s job is evolving into a managerial profession that requires centralized control of huge agricultural areas and thus to cover long distances in order to get to the field. Creating a vehicle that takes this aspect into consideration was the focal point of our concept.


Jens Berger (24)

Dipl. Industrial Designer

Jens Berger was born in Giessen, Germany on 8 May 1994. He studied industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. His fascination for transportation design and well thought out and aesthetically designed products led to the development of his diploma thesis which dealt with the interior concept of an autonomous car. With his background he was the leading force in the development of the overall concept and the formal design of the Centaur project and guided the team with persuasiveness and competence. Jens is working for a design company aroma_ID which is lead by Karsten Küber and has been a permanent member of the company since 2016.

Uwe Meisel (38)

Dipl. Industrial Designer

Uwe Meisel, born on 30 September 1980, studied industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. During his studies he spent several months in Norway where he developed his diploma thesis in 2008 in cooperation with one of the leading companies in its field. Uwe is working for design studio aroma_ID which is lead by Karsten Küber and has been part of the company for eight years. With his enthusiasm for the development of technical details, aesthetic shapes and atmospheric visualizations he contributed immensely to creating the Centaur concept.

Jurys comments

Delicate – maybe a bit too delicate – the Centaur still made an impact on the jury. Not through the car aspiring design and the lack of real field applications but through the amazing tires and the advanced suspension. All very well designed!

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