1st Prize

Valtra Vertical

Benjamin Miller, Jack Morris, Alireza Saeedi (Austria)



By the year 2030 the population will reach 8.5 billion. A growing demand for fresh food will create a logistical challenge for farm-to-table produce. The Valtra Vertical tractor an all purpose tool designed together with farm and logistics in mind so that it can optimize production in vertical farms.


In the next ten years the world will see significant global changes. Large-scale urban growth will create problems with traditional farming methods.

The main being;
-The large physical space requirement
-Its toll on arable land, high water consumption
-Seasonal dependant crop cycles

Vertical farms have the inherent benefit of a reduced overall footprint, making them suitable to urban areas. In order to meet the growing world demands vertical farms need to become large-scale and increase production output. Our concept is the next step towards a more productive vertical farm.

The concept considers the tractor and farming system in conjunction and is comprised of three main elements;
A vertical tractor
A drone logistic system
A belt driven aeroponics.

The system suspends the crops on a scrolling belt that can be driven from one end. This can make harvesting and seeding rapid as the tractor can simply turn the belt to pull plants towards itself for harvesting and seeding. Travelling distance is reduced significantly.

The second major part is the logistics of getting the crops off the belts and ready to ship. For this there is an automated drone system (similar to advance warehousing). This is the most effective way to move the produce on a 2D level. Drones focus on collecting and transporting produce so the tractor may remain harvesting at all times.

The vertical tractor is a facilitator of crops from seeding, though harvesting and finally ready to ship. It performs harvesting and seeding simultaneously. It lowers produce to ground level for drone handling.
The base couples with the logistic drone to deposit the produce and also has auxiliary functions like a PTO and lifter. The vertical tractor can truly be used in any scenario.

The tractor can cover more area in less time and perform otherwise laborious tasks with ease and precision. Resulting in higher farm yield and and more industrialized vertical farm for 2030.


Benjamin Miller

Industrial Designer

Benjamin Miller was born into the Jane and Finch neighbourhood Toronto. Growing up he endured much hardship. Throughout his early years he was constantly innovating and solving problems around him. He found design inadvertently because of his inherent problem solving and ability to improve his environment. He sought education at Carleton University’s Industrial Design Program as an escape from his past. Ben has worked for various companies in the USA where he learning the true meaning of prudence, temperance and industry. Exploration and imagination drives him to develop all types of products which has recently brought him to agriculture. He now works as a designer in Salzburg Austria.

Jack Morris

Industrial Designer

Jack Morris grew up in Niagara, Ontario, an important centre for agriculture in Canada. He spent his youth fascinated with machines that move and go. From a life-long passion of equipment his dream for improving agricultural practices has come to fruition in this project. A Transportation Design professor from Humber College discovered Jack on his Uncle's farm nearby the campus and was impressed by his drawing and problem solving abilities. After many efforts Jack was recruited by the school and since that day has been leveraging design and innovation to create amazing products, machines, and vehicles. He now works in Salzburg Austria designing Motorcycles.

Alireza Saeedi

Industrial Designer

Alireza Saeedi was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up studying painting and the arts. He came to Canada at age 17 where his artistic interests could flourish into flowing opportunities. He entered Carleton University’s Industrial Design with an appetite that soon metamorphosed into a boiling hunger for success. While on internship in Australia he became interested in how people move throughout the world they live in and he is constantly contemplating ideas about transportation and the world. His visionary sense, motivation and headstrongness make him a vigorous leader and designer. Alireza became fascinated in agriculture because of the global and anthropological impact it can have. He believes that through innovation agriculture can be the key to the future of humanity. He now works as a designer in Salzburg Austria.

Jurys comments

Valtra Vertical represents a very creative interpretation of this year’s theme. At first glance it looks very specialized, but if you judge the complete system instead of only the tractor, a versatile and holistic concept for the future emerges. The concept takes care of everything from seeding to distribution of food. It challenges the way we look at farming today, and is therefore awarded 1st prize honors.

Decreased foot print and less transportation (even though the plants themselves have to travel quite a bit!) talks in favour of an environmentally-friendly approach. It is a truly innovative concept with a great development potential, even though it carries high development risk. Manufacturability is maybe not the big challenge. Bigger issues will have to be resolved in making the plants grow vertically, and survive the revolving transport. But until anyone has proven the opposite it will get a green light from the jury!

The overall design is appealing and it is a great relief that this is a true machine styling and not just another “car-wanna-be”. It is also nice to see the drones operating in a 2D environment, executing an optimized work task, instead of flying unnecessarily around the scene just to be there.

This is a true Valtra concept that waves the flag of individuality, far-horizon innovation, and practical benefit to the end user. The only question mark left behind is: Why do we have to send a guy up in a cab just to watch the automatic harvesting of vegetables? Full automation was clearly in the mind of this design team.

About the jury

About valtra and valtra design

Valtra Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and services Valtra tractors. We have a long tradition of employing advanced industrial design in our products since the 1960s. In addition to creating attractive tractors, industrial design has always been applied to improve the working conditions of tractor operators and productivity. Over the decades the basic principles of Scandinavian design have played a vital role in creating Valtra’s high-quality and respected brand.

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