Honorable mention


Joona Järvinen (Finland)


Phantom is a semi-autonomous multipurpose machine that is prepared to meet various challenges of the future. Phantom’s purpose is not to replace human labor, but to assist and carry out day-to-day tasks to save time and increase productivity.


My approach to designing multipurpose machine was to offer versatility rather than sheer performance. Machines need to be flexible and adaptable for the future needs of seasonal activities. What features to implement and how to improve upon them to provide maximum benefit and efficiency in ground care, municipal work and even during the increasing threat of natural disasters?

As with all Valtra products – Phantom is designed with user oriented focus. By observing routines that go into setting up your machinery and implements, the primary goal was to find more time efficient solutions to operations such as coupling. Autonomous linkage enables the user to focus on different tasks, while Phantom equips needed implements by itself. It can be set out to operate on site, or used remotely from within another vehicle. It is designed to work as independently as possible, but primarily serves as an extension of its user.

I researched alternative energy harvesting technologies such as thermoelectric generators to recycle waste heat. Solar panels are well-established technology, but they are not as efficient in areas where daylight might get scarce.

Phantom expands on what Valtra has been building on for decades: functional, reliable machinery that suits and adapts to various task and needs in the most extreme conditions. Concepts such as Phantom will continue that mission by visioning machines that not only stand out from the competition, but also push the industry forward.


Joona Järvinen (27)

Industrial designer at 3D Talo Finland Oy

Graduated from Savonia University of Applied Sciences in 2017. Currently working with virtual reality experiences, product development and user interface. As a part-time entrepreneur I offer product design, 3D-modelling and graphic design services.

I aspire to challenge myself during every project and VDC has been an excellent opportunity for me to improve upon my skills on several areas such as parametric modelling, visualization and presentation.

Jurys comments

Interesting philosophy around energy generating and tools attachment makes the concept extra exciting. What caught the jury’s eye from the start was the spectacular appearance housing so much of innovative thinking.

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