3rd Prize

Valtra FarmHand

LPK Design Team: Paul Olvera, Daniel Yee (USA)


With a blueprint of the future farm, and a sharper understanding of its leader, we were finally able to answer the question: what does the tractor look like? In a word: modular. Whereas today’s farmers access different tractors for different tasks—dependent on horsepower—the 2040 farmer will use a single piece of machinery to approach any and every task. Knowing these farmers will enter the field with varying levels of experience, the Valtra FarmHand™ is designed to “grow with you,” starting with its core pieces—a set of wheels and connecting arms with power cells—and advancing to larger, more complex systems based on task, condition and skill level.

Not only does AI bring new intelligence and capability to the FarmHand’s many components, it serves as a common thread across usage, creating fluidity between farming tasks—be it tilling or harvesting. What results is a sleek and versatile tractor that elevates efficiency, emits greater force and maintains authentic intimacy between man, machine and Mother Earth.


Daniel James Yee

Senior Industrial Designer at LPK (31)

Daniel Yee is a senior industrial designer at LPK, a brand experience agency. At LPK, his responsibilities full product design process, leadership and brand direction. His work focuses on automotive, transportation, medical, consumer electronic and educational products. He currently has several products in market, from wheelchairs to airplane interiors. Recently, Daniel was a finalist at MIT’s 2017 GrandHackathon for UI/UX service design concepts.

Daniel is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Industrial Design Program with an automotive interior and product design background. He has lived and worked all over the United States from startups, corporations and design consultancies from Ohio, Texas, Utah and California. He has several accolades in cooking, hiking, gaming and networking.

Paul Olvera

Industrial Designer at LPK (27)

Paul Olvera is an Industrial Designer at LPK, a brand experience agency. His work focuses on full process of product design and brand engagement.

Paul graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning with a degree in Industrial Design, a minor in marketing and a specialization in Automotive Design. In 2016, he was voted “2nd Best in the Americas” by CarDesignNews. Paul enjoys hiking, bicycling, and asking questions.

Jurys comments

Valtra FarmHand is a very unique concept that takes the context to the equation rather than only presenting the machine itself. This is a very romantic approach towards the future of farming. The beauty in this design is that it allows the customer to adapt to their working environment and use a modular approach of simple components to fit the application needed from small to large jobs. Valtra FarmHand is a very compelling concept that answers to the needs we don´t even know we have today. The tractor concept and its context are pleasantly presented.

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Valtra Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and services Valtra tractors. We have a long tradition of employing advanced industrial design in our products since the 1960s. In addition to creating attractive tractors, industrial design has always been applied to improve the working conditions of tractor operators and productivity. Over the decades the basic principles of Scandinavian design have played a vital role in creating Valtra’s high-quality and respected brand.

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