2nd Prize

Valtra Kronos

Harsh Kamleshkumar Panchal (India)


Kronos is a concept that allows to break down the conventional boundries of a tractor for the farming and agricultural processes of the year 2040. It will open up completely new horizons of future farming. Kronos is meant to work day and night without any constraints, which helps solve the problem of lack of specialized labour during the most intense seasons. The future tractor not only aims at being digital and futuristic but also provides ease of work because of its intuitive design.

Kronos is a modular design which comprises of two sub machines, The Base unit and the Cabin. The Cabin is the most efficient part of the whole tractor. It is very useful for the farmer where he has to perform smaller tasks where the whole tractor is not needed. The cabin is made for much more personal and smaller functions like sowing and verifying the soil or checking on any irregularity between the field, hence reducing human effort.

On the other hand the Base unit is an unmanned autonomous vehicle. It is capable of performing major tractor operations without an on field assistance. hence reducing any human assistance helps indirectly to multitask. It is very futuristic and can be operated from the home by the user using a computer or any portable interface.

KRONOS is a revolutionary machinery for the future agricultural purposes. Its modular design makes it much more efficient. Kronos will prove a better vehicle because of its efficiency and zero carbon emissions which will retain nature and its sanity.


Harsh Kamleshkumar Panchal (27)

Automotive / Transportation designer

I am an Automotive / Transportation designer, graduated in 2013 from Domus Academy in Milano, Italy. Since then i Haven been working as a product and industrial designer in various design studios in India. I have done my bachelors in Mechanical engineering. While pursuing design I got an opportunity to work with design giants like Pininfarina and Fiat. I was always fascinated by the idea of a sketch turning into a real product. I have loved design as it can bring so much of difference in the society and in the everyday life of any individual. I have seen designers sketch, model digitally and physically, with so much involvement, which inspired me to walk this path of design.

Jurys comments

Valtra Kronos is a true futuristic proposal in concept and styling. The concept includes some unique ideas like:  frontloaded central battery, an individual smart cab that can turn on its own axis, an LED lit footsteps, and advanced wheel design. The base unit when separated from the cab and in autonomous mode looks efficient and agile. The additional cab feels like a purposeful working place wherever the customer might be located – both on the machine while operating or  used separately as an office environment or field scouting. Truly  elegant! There are  also some fresh Valtra interpretations both in hood and side panels. Valtra Kronos is well considered and nicely presented.

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