Honorable mention

Valtra Companion

Hubert Dabrowski (UK)


Attempting to the project I started to analyze what is the core of agriculture and farmer occupation. Answer is simple but bothering at the same time- Farming is constant cooperation with such a great power as a nature, climate and weather.

Following upper conclusion project that I have submitted is called VALTRA ‘COMPANION.’ I wanted to design quick responsive and reliable machine that is ‘assistant’ of the farmers and allows them to use their time more efficiently bringing currently developed technologies to agriculture. My other aim was to create design for the tractor that is going to be ‘companion’ for the environment and nature. Therefore electric powering have been considered. Research covered amount of carbon dioxide emissions in terms of diesel engines in comparison to electric engines but also global electricity production technologies(only 22% is eco). As the result of that Valtra Companion comes up with “Aware Eco Farming” that increases number of environment friendly power plants. How?-simply by applying hydrogen fuel cells into the tractors. Nowadays this technology shows up sporadically in automotive industry but agriculture represents better capabilities of successful applying and using hydrogen technologies on daily basis. It is thanks to more stationary nature of farming industry comparing to constantly running car world which needs a lot of fuel points. Farm’s fuel storerooms could be supplied with hydrogen instead of diesel.

Valtra Companion consist with two parts: Autonomous working platform with option of remote controlling and attachable mobile cabin which can be applied when operator control is needed. Cabin mobile feature is also for occasional verification of cultivated fields and for planning purposes in which touch sensation is needed for example to verify humidity of soil.

Companion is designed to fulfil wide spread of duties and to help with well responsive, time efficient, and truly environmental-friendly farming.

Jurys comments

Valtra Companion challenges traditional tractor design with its own language of shape. It contains a unique steering solution for maximum agility and the cabin can be separated for other uses when in autonomous mode. It also offers a refreshing way of thinking by converting hydrogen to electrical power making the concept extremely interesting.

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