1st Prize

Valtra MOD²

Juan García Mansilla, Marcos Madia, Ezequiel Castro (Argentina)


Our vision for 2040 is a planet with increasingly cultivated areas in a vast range of climates and regions. Population growth coupled with the unpredictability of climate change will demand more efficiency and flexibility with minimal environmental impact. Soil compression will continue to worsen with this bigger geographic dispersion. This environment will require fast response systems that adapt to a changing scenario on the fly.

MOD²  focuses on delivering that much needed operating flexibility. This modular system is built from one base unit that can be attached to others, allowing different configurations that suit different purposes with different power demands. Through scalability, MOD² can work as several small tractors performing simultaneous low power tasks or a big tractor performing one high intensity operation. Adaptability is the best way to tackle an environment that is continuously changing.

While the unit can perform numerous tasks autonomously, some tasks will continue to require direct human supervision. After all, no one knows the farm better than a farmer. For these cases, the operator can be outfitted with a Virtual Reality Controller allowing direct supervision and control both remotely or on site. This significantly enhances the unit’s operational capabilities while reinforcing the bond between man and machine.

On the environmental side, the concept features an energy-efficient closed loop with a renewable energy fed charging dock. To tackle the issue of soil compaction, MOD² uses a variable width traction system that allows it to better distribute its weight on soft terrain. A scalable platform also means not using something big to do something small, further contributing to lessen soil compaction.

Overall our objective with MOD²  was to create a platform that could adapt to tasks both big and small, simple and complex. We believe adaptability is key to tackle whatever the future may bring.


Juan García Mansilla (28)

Industrial Designer & Entrepeneur.

He graduated at the University of Buenos Aires in 2012 and has been chasing challenging projects ever since. He has 5 years of product design experience, most of which he spent as a Senior Designer at BCK, working for global companies on innovative solutions.

He's now a freelance design consultant for international clients and Founder & CEO of UNIT 1, his most recent endeavor: an innovation-driven startup focused on creating better experiences through new products, their first step being in the action-sports industry.

Marcos Madia (31)

Buenos Aires based Industrial Designer.

Graduated with honors at University of Buenos Aires in 2010. 
Has 10 years of experience in product, packaging and transportation design. He worked at several industrial design agencies in Buenos Aires and as a freelance design consultant for local and international clients.
Currently, he's a senior designer at BCK, working on product design and agricultural machinery development.

Ezequiel Castro (39)

Industrial designer, University of Buenos Aires.

Industrial designer, University of Buenos Aires. He has extensive experience in the field of agricultural machinery, working in design and development for several brands over the years. With a strong focus on transportation design, he's got a a strong skillset, ranging from styling to manufacturing implementation, to global project management.
Since 2007 he has been a partner and director at BCK ID along with Javier Bertani and Vera Kade. Their Buenos Aires-based Design Consultancy specializes in industrial design and product development.

Jurys comments

Valtra MOD² appears basic in its design and yet it is extremely interesting. The concept can be very useful in many different scales of farming operations and has a broad range of use in customer applications. Valtra MOD² is based on one autonomous module including a drivetrain that can be multiplied depending on the need for the job giving it extreme flexibility for the end user. Even though there are limited styling surfaces on the machine, the look and appeal will help drive Valtra DNA styling in the future. The combination of technical design matched with  unique styling stood out the most and is therefore thrilling. Furthermore the quality of presentation is superb and made it feel like it was designed for Valtra customers.”

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