Honorable mention


Paolo De Giusti (ITALY)


Triple V is a tractor capable of operating in large plains but also in lands unfavorable for agriculture, in the next future it will be important to increase efficiency by cultivating areas that actually are considered inadequate.

The concept is based on the search for maximum versatility, a kind of universal tractor, fully customizable.
Triple-V can change the size from 2.50m (the limit to be used on the open road) to 3.20m, perfect to use with large and heavy equipment.

In addition, its central axis can be moved to the front or rear axle. To increase traction or load capacity.
Each wheel is independent, with an electric motor and an active suspension system, all components are identical, a kind of modular traction unit. It’s easy to repair and convenient to produce in large series.

These traction units are mounted on a simple frame, called Esoframe, that supports all components and accessories.

The chassis is like a big box, it has a removable battery, and a modular generator that also powers the PTO and a hydraulic unit. The generator can have a traditional diesel engine, or a gas turbine (or other fuels). In this way, according to convenience, you can change the power supply system.

For Example Agricultural wastes can be used to produce fuels and gas and even with small solar or wind power plants you can charge the batteries

For operations where human presence is not necessary, Triple-V can work autonomously, after scanning the field with a service drone mounted on the Cockpit.

The Cockpit can be detached from the main body to become a small vehicle for small distances.

Jurys comments

Valtra Triple V includes convincing solutions to real life problems by using a backup both for electric- and autonomous drive. One of the best features is the unique customizable drive train that utilizes multiple technologies of within a single frame.  This allows different levels of technology to be used where commercially appropriate. Innovative, movable centre axles  stabilize the machine in the field and keep the overall width in limitations while driving on roads. The styling is very “machine like” and the presentation is convincingly technical.

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